FP breaks Finder's right-click contextual menu in Sierra?

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Re: FP breaks Finder's right-click contextual menu in Sierra?

Postby billearl » 12 Oct 2017, 03:29

turly wrote:I'll be frank here - I've booted up my Mac maybe seven or eight times in the last year. For various arcane reasons, the FinderPop build system won't work on "newer" systems, so my Mac is still running 10.9, but can boot up into 10.10 and later from external disks, which is how I test FP .. a not-very-streamlined development process. Of course, FP works perfectly in 10.9 so I'm happy there. In addition, I am spending less time in front of a computer these days, and all of that time is in Windows or Linux. I got tired of battling Apple who quite obviously don't want this kind of "invasive" program on their systems and make it a PITA to install even if I, the owner of the computer, want it.

Now I'm not saying I'll never fix these FP/Sierra issues, but it's down the list of stuff I'd like to get done.

Thanks, Turly. I'll be frank here too. Two beer (at least) to you if you solve the $*&%$@# with High Sierra, etc. Glad you've moved on though, but I do miss FinderPop. Best of luck with the higher priority stuff, including the Catalan dilemma.
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