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Combining mbar-!!! with -!!i

PostPosted: 07 May 2009, 01:35
by beiju
I want to display the contents of my Home folder inline in the menubar, and as a subfolder in the Finder. I have two aliases, named:
41)Home mbar-!!!-!!i
41)Home fsel-!!!

The fsel-!!! and the -!!i work perfectly, but the mbar-!!! doesn't. That is, everything works as it should except I have the inline contents when use the Finder click. Is this user error or a software bug?

Also, how do I configure what's shown in Finder when an item isn't selected? (Clicks on the desktop or the blank area of a Finder window.)

Thanks for everything!

Re: Combining mbar-!!! with -!!i

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2009, 23:05
by turly
Sorry for the delay in replying - I'll have a look at this shortly... probably my bug!

Re: Combining mbar-!!! with -!!i

PostPosted: 12 Aug 2009, 13:46
by turly
Fixed in 2.2.1 BETA (q.v.)