FinderPop Works on El Capitan

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Re: FinderPop Works on El Capitan

Postby turly » 30 Oct 2015, 17:25

Unfortunately that won't allow us to patch the Finder code, which is how FinderPop does its stuff :-(
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Re: FinderPop Works on El Capitan

Postby modelamac » 09 Nov 2015, 15:05

I found the easiest way is to move the FinderPop Items folder to the end of the Dock, just before the Trash Can. It takes one extra click, but you get the effect of FinderPop until Turly gets time to make a proper fix.

By the way, Turly is just one of a crowd of developers having to fight with SIP.
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Re: FinderPop Works on El Capitan

Postby vdl » 11 Feb 2016, 18:20

Here is my experience.
I had, on my MacBook Pro, disabled SIP on El Capitan to be able to use FP.
Then, some days later, I replace the internal disk (system) with a SSD and completely reinstall the system from scratch.
After that, I was about to restart the process to disable the SIP but I realized that FP was fully operational on my brand new system!
Hope its Help.
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