Decomissioning this forum

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Decomissioning this forum

Postby turly » 08 Jan 2018, 20:43

Hey there,

Sorry to be the bearer of even more bad news for FinderPop. First, I'm no longer developing it, or even using it - indeed I have powered up my Mac only once in the last three months and that was to copy a file off it. It's been this way for a couple of years now and unfortunately I cannot see this situation changing soon.

Additionally, the hosting company I use for this forum (godaddy) have increased their prices to ludicrous levels considering the use the forum gets (14 posts since last summer.) I've spent the weekend trying to move this phpBB3 forum to a more modern version that I can use on my other hosts, but with absolutely no success. It's almost as if godaddy somehow knackered their phpBB3 install to make moving it elsewhere impossible :-)

So I will make a static copy of the messages in this forum for archival / searching purposes and will move that to the new site in a couple of weeks.

And that will more-or-less be that, I think. I will try to answer questions on FinderPop ( but it's really really unlikely I'll be working on FP again*.

Thanks for the good times, it was a fun ride! Hard to believe that FP would have been 20 years old this year...

* I should point out that I also said that in 2002.
Static copy of this forum is available here:
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Re: Decomissioning

Postby cortig » 08 Jan 2018, 21:04

Turly, though I definitively understand this is sad news to me…
Sort of like the end of an era.
I don't even remember when I first used FP (probably around the 20 years mark!).

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Re: Decomissioning

Postby GianMarco Tavazzani » 08 Jan 2018, 21:14

Well, Turly, in the shadow, humbly thankful but unable to contribute to the development, I was following you for most of these 20 years of yours... OURS! (I use ONLY Macintoshes by my first Lisa in 1984!!!).
Many things are changed by Apple and I miss my 'younger brother Steve' and the good old times when developing was a MISSION, a PASSION and a JOY was also to feel part of a visionary group of enthusiasts.
Now it's the time of the 'smartphones', our era of 'evangelists' is at the sunset and.... it was nice to have been a part of it; it really filled my life as I hope your one, you loved and admired more than you maybe think (I never made a software update as long as FinderPop was not working on it!)
There is another gem like your one who seems to have surrendered: Xtrafinder; a shame that Apple didn't add both your system utilities in it's OS X!
Well... I've just sent you 'a pint of beer' (or maybe two.... :-) ) to celebrate the 20 years of a far, silent 'friendship' and as thank you also for your good mood, your jokes... I will miss you, FP and all the guy who built up what nowadays the 'market sharks' are destroying, internet freedom included!
And let me hope that you will find, once 'free from duties', something new to express your life and computer vision, to not let die a way to look at the future, at the 'possible' with spark in our glance, to give it and be an example for any youngster willing to take the baton, the torch of who you were AND ARE!
GianMarco Tavazzani
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Re: Decomissioning this forum

Postby rene204 » 10 Jan 2018, 05:30

thanks for your Work on FP.
Using it several Years now.
I understand you in your complete situation.... have a good Time and i hope you get well in the Future...

Thanks a lot.. Rene.
i want to give you some Beer.
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Re: Decomissioning this forum

Postby johncooper314 » 17 Jan 2018, 20:43

Thank you very much for all your work over the years.
I will miss FP, but I understand. Cheers.
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