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Re: Not a version announcement

Postby mbenchoff » 03 Sep 2009, 14:56

Here's hoping for your continued recovery! I've been a fan and user of FinderPop since OS9 (at least), and it's served me well for over a decade. The only piece of software I've used for longer has been BBEdit. Keep up the great work, dude!
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Re: Not a version announcement

Postby mrpwick » 21 Sep 2009, 15:11


I LOVE Finderpop!!!! I was going to write and tell you how I installed Snow Leopard, and, with a little biit of help from me (I deleted some files in Library!) it completely screwed up my Mac Pro!

There was something called FP-injector in Activity monitor using 99%+ of my CPU all the time. My fans were going berserk. After 3 calls to Applecare they eventually explained and helped me to uninstall FP (if I'd realised what FP-injector was I could have done that myself!
Anyway, after resetting the SMC and PMU and the contortions of restting PRAM I am up and running normally again. But I do so miss FP!!!!!!

All of the above pales into complete insignificance when I read about your accident. Are you sure it wasn't the Beer? :-)) Just get completely well again as soon as possible - speaking as an ex GP it will take longer than you think - and when you are completely well you can begin to thinking about helping all of we deprived souls who miss our almost continouous use of FP!
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Re: Not a version announcement

Postby turly » 21 Sep 2009, 21:34

Thanks mrpwick!

I'm sorry to hear that FP was causing problems on Snow Leopard. You must have been running an old version of FinderPop, I fixed that "100% CPU" bug in v 2.2 back in January (actually in 2.1.3b9 in June 2008.)

Anyway, I hope to release a properly-compatible version for Snow-Leopard in the not-too-distant future... working on it!

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Re: Not a version announcement

Postby mhale62 » 23 Sep 2009, 19:03

Jeez Turly, talk about a cosmic dope-slap :o

Although I admit that lack of FP is the only thing keeping me from running SL full time I'd much rather you focused on healing; your call OC.

It's good to hear you're up and at 'em,
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Re: Not a version announcement

Postby jonas » 28 Sep 2009, 20:15

I just upgraded to Snow Leopard. Rebooted. Right clicked to get the FP-menu. Cried. Remembered how I felt going from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X without FP.
I thought "What could be worse than running a Mac without FP"? Apparently getting hit by the bus...
When FP 3.0. is out I'll send another pint your way.
Best wishes,
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Re: Not a version announcement

Postby chaz0703 » 16 Nov 2009, 06:23

I have only just stumbled onto a MacWorld review of FinderPop, so I was looking to try it out. When I read about your incident in Barcelona, my heart really went out to you. That was a very unfortunate event and even without ever meeting you, reading your post about the incident was especially touching in its lightheartedness. I'm really glad that you are doing better!
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