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FinderPop 2.5.7

PostPosted: 27 Sep 2014, 08:39
by turly
FinderPop 2.5.7 (tagged "Autumnal Equinox") is now available.

Note that FinderPop will not work properly on OS X 10.11 El Capitan
when System Integrity Protection (aka "Rootless") is enabled.*

It may be that having both FinderPop and SIP enabled will never be satisfactorily resolved because FinderPop relies on OS features which,
when SIP is enabled, have deliberately been removed by Apple with the aim of increasing system stability.
* And even with SIP disabled FinderPop v 2.5.7 won't work 100% as the El Capitan Finder does some stuff differently and I'm still trying to figure out what it's doing.

Ensure you use Apple's unzipper to unzip the FinderPop zip file as some third-party unzippers do not respect permissions.
Ensure that the System Preferences panel is CLOSED. Quit. Not running. Double-click the FinderPop.prefpane icon. System Preferences will
open and ask if you want to install FinderPop for all users or just you. Choose "All Users" and continue.
On 10.6+, FinderPop "sees" what it was you clicked on in the Finder via the Services subsystem - ensure that you have Folder Actions Setup
enabled: System Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services > Files & Folders > (ensure Folder Actions Setup is checked.)

  • 2.5.7 Allows FinderPop to work with alias files produced by the Yosemite 10.10 Finder.
  • In FinderPop's Move/Copy/Alias dialog, you can control-click the Alias button and FinderPop will create symlinks instead of aliases.
  • Fix minor bug in the Move To... and Copy To... scripts introduced last time (see the 'FinderPop Extras' folder.)
  • Add new Alias To... and Symlink To... scripts to the 'FinderPop Extras' folder. These can be moved into your FinderPop Items folder if you wish.
    These scripts will only be visible in FP menus if you have a Finder selection; they allow you to choose a destination folder into which to alias or symlink the selection. Added bonus: option-clicking the "Choose" button in the "Choose Folder" dialog will get the Finder to display the destination folder after the items have been aliased or symlinked.
  • Fix a buffer overrun bug which could cause a crash in rare instances.

The previous version of FinderPop is available here (2.5.6).

If you're installing this over a previous version of FinderPop, you'll have to restart or logout/login for it to take effect.

As usual, if there are any issues with this, reply here in the forum!

Re: FinderPop 2.5.7

PostPosted: 24 Oct 2014, 10:25
by alainc
Hi, seems currently inaccessible ?

> Server not found
> Firefox can't find the server at

Re: FinderPop 2.5.7

PostPosted: 24 Oct 2014, 12:17
by turly
Cheers Alain - should be fixed now.
Apparently I am requied to validate every time the domain renews and dotster was sending these validation emails to an old email address... sorry about that!

Re: FinderPop 2.5.7

PostPosted: 27 Oct 2014, 17:27
by System6
I've got that damned thing again where having FinderPop switched on causes slowdowns. Specifically, with FinderPop on:

1. A slowdown in FinderPop's own system preference options. Each tab takes quite a few seconds to be selected. Turning the "off" radio button takes a long time - a few seconds - before it registers. But with FinderPop off, all actions/selections in the pane are super-quick, as with any other System Preference pane.

2. A slowdown when selecting (just selecting, not opening) apps in the applications folder. It used to be (when I experienced this before) that this slowdown affected all selections of apps in the applications folder. This time (running OS X 10.10 aka Yosemite) it's the first 2 app selections only that are slowed down (beachball for about five seconds before the Finder manages to select them). Yes, I know - bizarre. After that, the third selection of an app, and further selections of apps are at the normal speed, i.e., instantaneous.

I hate this! For a long while I used FinderPop in Mavericks and this --thing -- had gone away. Now it's come back, this time using Yosemite.


Re: FinderPop 2.5.7

PostPosted: 27 Oct 2014, 20:23
by turly
Deja Vu!

Can you get things set up in the Finder so that reproducing your problem will be easy. Then quit all apps other than the Finder. Then fire up, and enter the following command (you'll also need to enter your admin password.)

sudo fs_usage -w -f filesys

and then switch to the Finder and try to perform one of the tasks that FinderPop slows down (icon selection.)
Then switfch back to the Terminal window, press Control-C to kill the fs_usage command (there will be a lot of output), and mail me the contents of the terminal window -

This will tell me what files are being accessed and may give me a clue as to what might be happening on your system. Presumably you did an upgrade and not a clean install?

Re: FinderPop 2.5.7

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2014, 14:42
by System6
Turly - for some reason the problem has disappeared. I don't exactly know what intervening factor caused it to disappear. It might have been me relaunching the Finder. Anyway, if it happens again, I'll immediately follow your instructions and send you the results.

is FinderPop the “fp” that caused a Finder reset?

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2014, 10:07
by vlad
Out of the blue, a small window popped up, saying sth like: “ fp [sic!] didsomethingbla caused Finder to restart”. When I chose to show the log, not send to apple, it disappeared but no log was shown and no apparent harm. Console output under „FinderPop” comes pe e-mail, the hang must have been around or after 17 o'. Looking for something meaningful, I found ominous wodoo (no idea about programming but I like to read things). Like: invalid events for BetterTouchTool which I do not remember touching or KodakBonjourAgent (the Kodak printer I have is 1000 miles away from here. Or:
10.11.14 12:40:21 Preview[1320] Error loading /Library/ScriptingAdditions/QXPScriptingAdditions.osax/Contents/MacOS/QXPScriptingAdditions: dlopen(/Library/ScriptingAdditions/QXPScriptingAdditions.osax/Contents/MacOS/QXPScriptingAdditions, 262): no suitable image found. Did find:
/Library/ScriptingAdditions/QXPScriptingAdditions.osax/Contents/MacOS/QXPScriptingAdditions: mach-o, but wrong architecture
10.11.14 12:40:21 [0x0-0xc40c4][1320] Preview: OpenScripting.framework - scripting addition "/Library/ScriptingAdditions/QXPScriptingAdditions.osax" declares no loadable handlers.
10.11.14 12:40:21 PopChar[315] exception in selectedFamily: *** -[NSCFArray objectAtIndex:]: index (-1 (or possibly larger)) beyond bounds (162)
10.11.14 12:40:21 PopChar[315] no members
10.11.14 12:40:21 PopChar[315] *** -[NSCFDictionary setObject:forKey:]: attempt to insert nil key
10.11.14 12:40:22 Preview[1320] _mthid_copyDeviceInfo(216172782187184128) failed
10.11.14 12:40:22 [0x0-0x23023].com.finderpop.fp-injector[318] FinderPop-beta-x86_64-25702: Patching 'Preview' 0:c40c4 (CF-c)
10.11.14 12:40:23 kernel Preview (map: 0xffffff802476eaa8) triggered DYLD shared region unnest for map: 0xffffff802476eaa8, region 0x7fff88000000->0x7fff88200000. While not abnormal for debuggers, this increases system memory footprint until the target exits.

Re: FinderPop 2.5.7

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2014, 11:52
by turly
Unfortunately the "fp didsomething caused Finder to restart" message isn't ringing any bells, shame you didn't take a screenshot or something -- it's definitely not one of mine!

There is no mention of either "crash" or "restart" in the Console.log you sent... did the Finder actually restart? All references to FinderPop in the log are normal and there is no mention of the Finder restarting (though the machine seems to have slept and woken up a couple of times.)

A quick Google shows that QXPScriptingAddtions.osax is related to Quark Express - you should probably get rid of that osax (in /Library/SciptingAdditions) as it doesn't seem to be valid for your architecture - I think it's PowerPC only and you're on Intel.

When FinderPop patches certain Apple apps, you'll get a "triggered DYLD shared region unnest for map". This is expected behaviour.
PopChar, BetterTouchTool and FireFox's numerous complaints are almost certainly not caused by FinderPop.

In short, no idea :-/

Re: FinderPop 2.5.7

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2014, 15:33
by vlad
Thanks for replying. Should have put this in the Support area, sorry. Yes, the Finder did restart and the Desktop was „rearranged”. The small window mentioned „fp” and the word „inject” I believe, I was too fast. I'm mailing you the next part of the log, perhaps it was later. But what are all those apps complaining about all the time? Naughty code :-)

Re: FinderPop 2.5.7

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2014, 20:06
by tonyaguila
I’ve had 10.10.1 installed for a couple of days now, and previous to that, the beta version for about a week. Today, all of a sudden, I experienced the screen going black but with the computer apparently still running. Anyway, I discovered that it was only happening with the user account that has FinderPop installed.

The console reports:

11/21/14 10:43:47.241 AM finderpop-daemon[1582]: AppleEvents/sandbox: Returning errAEPrivilegeError/-10004 and denying dispatch of event aevt/ansr from process 'Mail'/0x0-0x8b08b, pid=1515, because it is not entitled to send an AppleEvent to this process.

and it kept repeating again and again until I disabled FinderPop. I did notice lately that FinderPop would not immediately pop up when clicking on the blank space on the menu bar. I would have to click several times before it would come up.

Re-activating FinderPop produced this feedback in console:

11/21/14 11:01:06.084 AM finderpop-daemon[9413]: CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): Old-style plist parser: missing semicolon in dictionary on line 3. Parsing will be abandoned. Break on _CFPropertyListMissingSemicolon to debug.
11/21/14 11:01:06.084 AM finderpop-daemon[9413]: CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): Old-style plist parser: missing semicolon in dictionary on line 3. Parsing will be abandoned. Break on _CFPropertyListMissingSemicolon to debug.
11/21/14 11:01:06.819 AM Numbers[6208]: FinderPop: current app appears to be SandBoxed

Hope this helps you figure out what’s going on. I’m am running Yosemite 10.10.1 (14B25) on a MacPro3,1, 16 GB RAM. I will find life hard without FinderPop.