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Re: FinderPop 2.5.9-BETA

Postby rpoland » 07 Oct 2017, 18:37

In High Sierra the Menubar "FP" does work but none of the other commands produce a list.
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Re: FinderPop 2.5.9-BETA

Postby iamdavid » 15 Oct 2017, 04:36

FYI I found that if I did the old

defaults write com.finderpop.finderpop ignoreSysVersionCheck -bool true

in Terminal, then it works perfectly in every way in High Sierra (10.13) released version as long as SIP is disabled
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Re: FinderPop 2.5.9-BETA

Postby osplo » 31 Oct 2017, 16:59

So in other words, FinderPop works well in HighSierra if we do the usual SIP treatment as in Sierra and then execute this command:

defaults write com.finderpop.finderpop ignoreSysVersionCheck -bool true

(I assume it is a Terminal command executed using admin privileges?)

If someone can confirm, I can start seriously looking into installing HighSierra in my machines. The new file system scares me a lot, though...

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