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Re: FinderPop 2.5.9-BETA

Postby osplo » 26 Sep 2016, 13:24

wgite wrote:FinderPop 2.5.9 confirmed working in macOS Sierra, with system protection disabled. Excellent!!!

That's great. I'll upgrade soon.
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Re: FinderPop 2.5.9-BETA

Postby osplo » 02 Nov 2016, 00:05

Working perfectly well in two Macs running Sierra, this iMac for instance, on 10.12.1. (I have to do the osax trick in both, though).

Thanks Turly, thank you guys!
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Re: FinderPop 2.5.9-BETA

Postby SactoBob » 25 Dec 2016, 20:16

Report re: 10.12.2: The beta continues to work on the iMac which has had FinderPop "forever." However, it refuses to install on a new MacBook Pro. Gives an error message about inability to communicate with some helper app. Merry Christmas!
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Re: FinderPop 2.5.9-BETA

Postby delphicat » 02 Apr 2017, 10:20

melomac wrote:Hi Turly

Many many thanks for Finderpop. It is by far one of my favorite and must have utilities on Mac, just like PopUp Folder used to be in the very old days.

As of today, there are 2 glitches that bother me in the current beta:

1 - in any Finder window, in Icon view (as opposed to list or column view), the original contextual menu contents disappears, only the Finderpop contextual menu contents appears.

2 - on multiple display setup, it is not possible to have the menubar click (and shift click) on any other display than the main display (tested on dual display actually).

Other than that, Finderpop just rocks on my El Capitan setup - I choose liberty instead of SIPcurity, and I am looking forward to sharing some beers with you.

I have the same problem. I always prefer Icon view in folder windows. Anyone knows workaround for the problem?
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