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Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b4 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*

Postby BoySetsTheFire » 16 Dec 2009, 00:17

No problems here in New York.
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Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b4 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*

Postby hikki » 16 Dec 2009, 05:26

turly wrote:And you say it works OK if your home directory is in /Users but not if it's on another disk?


And I have tried to startup without all login item and other preference panes except FP. But it doesn't work well....

I will report when I find anything. Thank you.
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Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b4 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*

Postby shulcslt » 17 Dec 2009, 17:49

2.2.4b4 conflicts with MaxMenus 1.5.1 (from Proteron) ><. When FinderPop is installed, menus drawn by MaxMenus lose the file/folder icons EXCEPT when drawing the Applications folder menu. I assume both prefpanes are patching some of the same routines. FWIW, it looks like Proteron has bit the dust since their website seems to be gone, although the download link still works. Their app hasn't been updated for a couple years, but seems to work fine under Snow Leopard. I know there's some functional redundancy in using both FP and MaxMenus, but I like them both.

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Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b4 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*

Postby alainc » 23 Dec 2009, 17:55

There is a weird thing happening when using any of the bash finderpop extensions.
When applied to a single object (file/folder), the path to the object is correctly transmitted to the script; when applied to a multiple selection, it seems that the first item of the selection is lost.
Here is a simple demo script:
echo $# $1 >>~/Desktop/log.txt

I am guessing that it is a bug in the way finderpop builds up the selection list.
It was already present in b3

Best regards, and merry christmas all !
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Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b4 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*

Postby turly » 23 Dec 2009, 22:13

Alain - this should be fixed in 2.2.4b6
shulcslt - similarly, I haven't downloaded MaxMenus, hopefully after Christmas!
hikki - I made one very minor tweak to how I try to get the Finder selection; I really doubt that it will fix your problem which alas I cannot reproduce. I still haven't had time to download and install your other extensions to see whether FP conflicts with them.
If worse comes to worst, I will send you a debug version of FP with lots of logging sometime to see if we can get to the bottom of the problem.

In the meantime, have a good Christmas and an even better New Year!
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