Invoke FP Via Hotkey?

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Invoke FP Via Hotkey?

Postby shapar » 01 Dec 2011, 16:59

I would love to be able to invoke FP via hotkey. Why?

i) on my 13-inch MacBook, in many apps I find my menubar too crowded, i.e., no free space on which to click to invoke FP. Hence, I have to first switch to the Finder to be able to invoke.
ii) First reason notwithstanding, methinks a hotkey would be quicker than mouse-clicking.

I suggest this enhancement having no idea what may be involved in adding this capability...
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Re: Invoke FP Via Hotkey?

Postby RonaldPR » 02 Dec 2011, 00:50

No need to switch to the Finder when there is not enough free space in the menu bar. You can click in the first pixel in the upper left corner of your screen to invoke the FP menu. It works only on that one pixel, so not as convenient as clicking in free space, but it works. Move your mouse cursor into the corner and click.
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