Anyone for the last few copies of FinderPop 1.9.2? (393K.)
Or if you have a stone-age Internet connection, you can try this HQX file: FinderPop192sit.hqx (540K.)

FinderPop is a control panel / Macintosh user interface enhancer which runs only on Mac OS 8 or 9. It won quite a few plaudits back in those days, and if, like me, you still use OS 9, it's the mutt's nads. (You can browse the manual here.) Unfortunately, an OS X version of FinderPop is not likely to happen as I no longer work on Macs. Sorry. (Windoze NT sucks!)
Some OS X users have recommended FruitMenu and ittec as possible FP replacements. Good Luck!
Thanks for your support over the years. It's been real.
See yez on the bitstream...

Popup Navigator You know the popup menu you get when you command-click a Finder window's title bar? Popup Navigator 1.2b1 adds similar functionality to most Mac OS 8/9 applications. Or tries to. This is even more useful with FinderPop's Submenus in Path Popups option.
Thomas Born says: Here's a tip for using FP on OS X: Using the Script Editor, write an AppleScript whose sole contents is the word "activate". Save it as a script program that "Requires Classic" and "Doesn't quit after run" Put it into the script menu ("Open Scripts Folder"), and Now everytime you run this simple script from the script menu, it will make the Classic Finder's menu bar appear as well as the classic Apple menu(!) just like any other Classic program does. From this menu bar all of your FinderPop scripts will be accessible if you choose this option ("Click in free menu bar space opens Context Menus") in "FinderPop". After its first start, it will be only a click away, because the script will appear as a running program in the Dock. (Doesn't quit after run.)
Thanks, Thomas. I haven't tried this myself as I don't run OS X on my ancient iMac here at home.

Anyone interested in knowing some of what I got up to in the very long holiday I took after leaving Apple can look here - a web diary of my 800 km hike on the Camino de Santiago - an ancient pilgrimage route in northern Spain. Here are some images to whet your appetites...

Backwards to Puenta La Reina

Camino as stream, Morgade



Someone was also looking for my old collections of links and their predecessor.
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