James Badmus, Media Consultant

Thanks for the quick response and interest, How is the weather there in canada today.
The taken pictures will be used for the magazine cover of my client and the web
site which is under construction. The name of the company is Rac Motors and also
magazines under printing, it has just been established in Denmark also.

Presently the company needs a model to advertise their products and am giving
you the offer. Your pictures will be exhibited on their website and also after
the first set of picture sent, their products and magazines will be sent to
you in order for you to know about the company. Subsequently depending on you,
you could be invited over to the company to sign a contract with you.

As written in my previous mail, you will get $650 to start which will be sent
to you immediately. After payment has been made. Guess the arrangement is

In order for payment to be made to you, provide me with the following details:
ADDRESS: not P.O.box
I await your response.

James badmus