Sequoia National Park/Kings Canyon, Sep 2000

Glutton for punishment? Here's some pix from me and Doug's most recent 4-day backpacking trip in Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon (Sept 2000.) Again, the quality is crap because they were taken with a disgracefully cheap and nasty disposable camera ($4.99 from Longs Drugs.) You didn't think I was going to risk having my expensive digital camera eaten by some hungry bear, did you?
It's a shame I didn't bring it along: the scenery was utterly superb.

General Sherman Sequoia
Largest living thing on the planet

The Great Western Divide
from Moro Rock

The Great Western Divide
a bit closer

Lake Hamilton
just below Kaweah Gap. Idyllic!

Spot the blue heron and hawk
Lake Hamilton

Atop a waterfall: there was a bear behind us but I was too slow with the camera...

More of the valley
Red in tooth and claw

Castle Rocks
in the distance

Yet more of the valley
with trail visible on the left

Mmmmm.... ice...

with git.

Jagged peaks
Note expert positioning of finger

At Hamilton Lake

The last day involved meeting some old buddies of Doug's for a big campfire / BBQ / drinking session, at which all had a jolly good time. There's definitely something to be said for champers and smores around a campfire.

Other hike piccies:
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