Yosemite Backpacking trip, Jul/Aug 2000

In July 2000, Doug Landauer and I backpacked from Crabtree Camp in Emigrant Wilderness to Tuolomne Meadows in Yosemite, California. These are photos taken with a cheap and nasty disposable camera (hey, whaddya expect for $4.99?) Some things really stood out for me: Granite - lots of it. A beautiful outlet from Fawn Lake. Mosquitoes. That too-heavy pack...

Day 1: Sat 29 July.
Bearded Git.

Granite as far as the eye can see.

Mosquito City - the little shaggers.
Deet is your friend.
Deer Lake at dusk.

Day 2: Sun 30 July
More granite. Desolate.

Would you buy a used backpack from this man?

Highlight of trip: Fawn Lake. Reachable only by cross-country bushwhacking.

Day 3: Mon 31 July
Some Lake whose name I've forgotten.

Even more granite.

Weight off my shoulders!

Day 4: Tues 1 Aug
Thunderstorms. Note Doug's high-tech raingear.

Another granite dome-type thing.

Day 5: Weds 2 Aug.
More Granite.

Piute Mtn.

Piute Mountain from 4 miles later...

Benson Pass! 10015 feet. Highest I've ever been while still on terra firma.

Using your skill and judgement, place an X where you think the deer is hidden.

Day 6: Thurs 3 Aug
Descent from a hanging valley into the Matterhorn Canyon.

After the Thunder at Glen Aulin Campsite.

Another View from Glen Aulin.

Yet another View from Glen Aulin.

Tuolomne River 'low to the lake falls home'.Well, maybe not. At Glen Aulin.

Day 7 and 8 were spent recuperating at Yosemite campsite proper: after the utter solitude of our hike, the place was like a zoo!

Alas I never made it to the famous Half Dome this time around...

Other hike piccies:
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